KBSD Birthday Celebration – My Cut Out Tank!

I used to be a gym rat.  And not as a teenager but after I had my children and into my late twenties.  And then life and school and Netflix and surgeries…. Now I am couch potato.  But on my birthday last week, I resolved to become a gym rat again.  So when the amazingly talented Stephanie Kay asked me would I want to participate in this blog tour to celebrate the first birthday of one of my favorite pattern companies, Koerb Brothers Stitch Designs I jumped at the excuse to buy myself the Cut out Active Top.  (Disclaimer: I do test and have tested for KBSD but I did not test this pattern and purchased it for myself so you can trust my opinions are my own. However, I am using my affiliate link throughout my post.)

Quick details before I show you my awesome top! This top ranges from XXS to XXXL which makes it perfect for your entire weight loss journey… or just wearing it places.  It is a fairly easy top to construct but you are going to want to be comfortable with activewear fabrics which can be slippery and fickle and using clear elastic or FOE.  But honestly, I was able to whip one up fairly quickly and easily.

I have no idea where I got this fabric from but it is thin and slippery and super stretchy. It is also wild and animal print so I love it!  I use FOE to bind half of my cut out and elastic for the rest.  I love the highlighted look.

And the cutout in the back is just calling for me to sew myself up a cute sports bra to match!

I cut my shirt at a tunic length and left the bottom of the shirt unhemmed because at 6 feet tall length is a hot commodity.

I feel comfortable enough to run, stretch and play and hopefully need a smaller size shirt next time!  Thank you for coming by and looking at my post. And thank you KBSD for providing us a year of wonderful patterns and I am looking forward to many years more. Check back in the KBSD facebook group all week for more bloggers sharing their creations!

Use coupon code ‘firstbirthday’ on the website to save 35%!

And enter HERE to win fabulous prizes!

6 thoughts on “KBSD Birthday Celebration – My Cut Out Tank!

  1. I love this top on you!!! The color is great, and who doesn’t love a good animal print?? And hurray for being a gym rat (I need to get back at it, too!) ❤


  2. You always do a fantastic job! This tank is hot! I could wear it under a blazer for the day and after work get my exercise on!
    The less laundry I have to do the better.


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