AVTR Apron Blog Tour

Happy March everyone!  The weather is starting to get better here and so my sewing days are ramping up into full gear for summer!  But before the shorts and skirts fill my posts, I want to share the most adorable apron pattern! I have mentioned this company before but A Vision To Remember uses the rag quilting techniques and stretches the boundaries.  I have sewn a stocking and now the Rag Apron…. I mean what else can I make? I am sold!

My favorite part about rag quilting is that it is super forgiving.  Some days I am a master seamstress, my seams are straight and pressed and I am just killing it!  And others I am doing something akin to drunk driving behind the wheel of my Singer. You would never be able to tell which day I am having from a rag quilt. It always comes out fabulous!

Of course like any “quilting” there is a ton of cutting and measuring but this apron pattern was very minimal in that department and I used a fat quarter pack from Walmart and a black flannel for some softness inside.

The ruffled bottom and scalloped edge offer just a bit of femininity to this apron without feeling too girly.  The squares and rectangles are great for highlighting one fabric or a menagerie of fabrics like I did.

apron 3

Overall, I just can’t think of a good complaint here. Maybe next time I will add some length to fit my 6’0″ tall frame but this apron will get a ton of wear in my home!  Head over to the AVTR store and check out the creative stylings of a great designer.  Or you can just pop in and grab the apron pattern if you are in a rush. And click below to see my fellow blog tour participants and their aprons!  Happy Friday everyone! See you again soon!


AVTR Apron Blog Tour:


3/1: Larissa from CBAT

3/2: JaNette from Merri Poppins

3/2: Patricia from Sew Far North

3/3: Melissa from Rebel & Malice

3/3: Ula from Lulu & Celeste

3/4: Denita from HattieLu Handmade

3/4: Essence from Amazing Adventures of Bubba and Bug

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