Mabel Madison Duds for Dudes

Welcome back to my blog home! Today I am most privileged to bring you a shirt for my big guy and participate in the Mabel Madison Duds for Dudes blog tour.


I don’t spend nearly enough time sewing for my son and he always appreciates it so much.  But let’s be honest, boy’s patterns are hard to find for the preteen crowd. And suitable fabric is even harder to find!  So I recently discovered a wonderful fabric retailer named Mabel Madison and as if I wasn’t sold by the mention of the word fabric, they have an entire section named Fabric for Boys – check it out! And the two lovely ladies that work there are just an added bonus!  So when they asked me to sew something with their high quality fabric I didn’t hesitate to accept.  (Disclaimer: I received a yard of fabric to use for this tour in exchange for honesty and my review.  The pattern I used is my own and the opinions are mine as well.)

I used this wonderful Green Camo knit fabric which has about a 20% stretch and is just manly enough for my preteen to be at peace.  I love the kind of “faded” look to this fabric, most camouflage is too abrasive for my tastes.

d4d 6

I chose a quick and easy pattern for this tour because he is growing like a weed and needed more calm, school clothes.  I used the Dill Pickle Pattern by Pickle Toes Patterns. It is a wonderful, unisex pattern that has such a wide array of sizes. I have probably made like 15 between my two kids. It is truly an all-in-one shirt pattern, complete with two types of hood, banded sleeves options, banded bottom or hem, two lengths and even a slim cut line!  I can’t even remember if I am mentioning everything.  So now you are trying to figure out how to buy this pattern and go fabric shopping at Mabel Madison right?  Well, the amazing Kellie is offering the Fried Pickle Pattern for FREE in the facebook group Pickle Toes Patterns.

All right on to the pictures right?!?

This shirt fits him well and the fabric is sturdy enough to recover well from even the most rigorous dance moves!

Now, I called myself creative and cut his shirt somewhere in the middle of the slim ad regular fit because he doesn’t really like drowning in his clothes so the fit is a bit snug on him but not tight and he loves it.  And modeling too….

d4d 4

So before you head away from here… check out my fellow bloggers on today’s schedule! They are so amazing and all out of my league so I know they did amazing things!  And leave me a comment! What fabric are you crushing on?  What do you love to make for your big guys? Any new patterns for the preteens? I am always on the look out.  My Bubba is getting pretty grown up!

Thank you to Mabel Madison ladies for letting me participate in this tour and HUGE thank you to all of you for reading this!  Come back soon!


Mabel Madison is really thrilled to host a week-long blog tour focused on sewing for BOYS! Every day this week, you’ll have a chance to visit with a few of our friends and see what they have made for their boys.

Wally and Grace


Adventures with Bubba and Bug

Mabel Madison


7 thoughts on “Mabel Madison Duds for Dudes

  1. Love this shirt. Thank You for showing it, and where to get it. I have 2 boys about to be tweens and am always on the look out for patterns they will like. Not sure when it happened but they have become quite picky about what they wear and it is getting harder and harder to find patterns that make them roll their eyes at me. Seeing this one on someone their own age really made them like it and want it, so thanks again. 🙂

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  2. I’m a little in the game sewing for my boys and now my 2 older ones (12 & 14) won’t let me. Luckily, my 7 year old actually asks me to make stuff for him. The challenge, of course, is finding patterns and fabric that he approves of. Thanks for the inspiration 😀


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