Mother’s Day Blog Tour- P4P Sweet Pea

Happy Early Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful ladies who give your all for the children you love!  Like all of you, I am guilty of not sewing enough for myself and sewing for my children way more!  So I am resolving to sew more for myself and feel good in what I wear.

One of my favorite designers has been Patterns for Pirates for as long as I have had my machine.  I own probably all of her patterns, new swim suit excluded but I am saving my pennies! So I recently had my eye on the Sweet Tee as soon as it was released and the gracious Judy donated it for use on this blog tour.  To which, I bought the girls version so keep your eyes open for some Mommy and Me fun later…. If you want to grab a copy of this bundle check here! But on to my fun version….

So if you know me then you know I love superheroes!  And my newest favorite is Deadpool! So when I saw the custom print from Affordable Fabrics, I could resist myself!

So since I stand at 6 feet tall, I had to lengthen this pattern to still get the shirt length.  I added approximately 4 inches onto the shirt and then used the tall band and I think the length is just perfect to pair with a pair of slacks.

Now the Sweet Tee is a slimmer fit than I am used to wearing but not so slim that I am feeling self conscious.  And this fabric is so luscious and wonderful that I feel great! The front of my shirt is actually a panel!! If you think about my height and size, imagine the size of that panel!

Overall, I am smitten and know that I need a million more of these shirts! If you are not a Deadpool fan, what is wrong with you?!?! But in all seriousness, head over to the P4P facebook group and check out all of the other versions and I know you will find one you love!  Happy Mother’s Day to me!  And all of you!

Thank you all so much for stopping in and reading my blog.  Also thank you Larissa for hosting this wonderful tour and Judy for donating her pattern in agreement that I will offer my honest opinion!  Come back soon and see me!  More #maymademe soon!

Be sure to visit all the blogs this week (their links won’t be live until the date listed, but I encourage you to visit!):

5/3/16: Sharon from Sweet Pea & Pumpkins

5/4/16: Essence from Adventures with Bubba and Bug

5/5/16: Melissa from Rebel and Malice

5/6/16: Heather from All Things Katy

Happy Sewing and I hope you enjoy your Mother’s Day!

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