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Hello everyone! Welcome to my post on the Gazelle Blog Tour, which is the latest and greatest pattern from The Wolf and The Tree.  If I am totally honest, I am the proud owner of like 10 pairs of fleece socks from the Going Rogue pattern already!  This pattern does it all! You can make footed tights, leggings, capris, biker shorts, shortie shorts, 4 different rise options, 2 way, 4 way stretch, cuffs, yoga or elastic waistband – in 18 sizes! This pattern is mind blowing to say the least! Plus it pairs almost exactly with the children’s pattern, Abby’s Trailblazing Socks! And you all know how much I love the mommy and me look.

So I choose to make myself some capri leggings and my daughter some footed tights.  Now, let’s discuss my errors. This pattern comes with many layers of customization to ensure that you get a perfect fit.  I did not fully measure my daughter so her tights have extra length in them but lucky for me, she is growing everyday so they will fit perfectly by the end of summer even.

But mine are perfect, the fabric is super stretchy so I could have sized down but I have a great rise and I can be super comfortable fitting my “mom belly” in and not squeezing myself.  So I did not have access to my normal husband-ographer this week so I “trained” my preteen to get some shots. And the baby fashionista dominated all of my shots this time!

twtt 4

Now I stand at 6 feet tall so pants length is a big issue for me, my favorite portion of this pattern is that I can account for that and sew a great fit anyway! No matter how screwy my measurements are!

twtt 3

The best lesson learned here is that glitter fabric makes your daughter happy but is ultimately the DEVIL! And you need to sew up this pattern from The Wolf and The Tree! If you are intimidated by all of the measurements, head over to the TWT Sewing Den on facebook and ask of the experts there or reach out to the amazing Saskia, who was so helpful on this tour, both in answering questions and providing us this pattern in exchange for our honest opinion.

Thank you all for coming to read my post on the blog tour and drop me a comment and tell me if you have sewn up a TWT pattern? Or which is your favorite?

You can get your own copy of the patterns HERE or HERE. You can use the code YellowRibbon to save 25% through Monday May 30st, 2016.

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