Sofilantjes 2 Year Anniversary Celebration

AAhhhhhh! It is the 2 year anniversary of one of my favorite designers! The amazing, wonderful, talented Anne is celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of Sofilantjes! And what better way to celebrate then a blog tour? Well, a blog tour where you let the bloggers mash and hack your patterns of course! So welcome to my day on the blog tour! (Disclaimer: there are affiliate links throughout this post so feel free to click away!)


For my hack, I decided that I needed to sew up another pair of Domi sweatpants.  My daughter recently outgrew hers and needed another pair obviously! I love the patch pockets but I was thinking that an inseam pocket would be a great hack!


So how did I do this?  I assume that there are a hundred different ways and someone wayyyyy more talented that me has probably come up with a smarter, easier way to get it done but I will share my way.  First, cut out your sweatpants pattern but DO NOT cut  out the pocket shape on the front piece.

cut out

Now mark the top and bottom of the pocket shape on your back pants pocket piece also.


So you are going to need twice as many pocket pieces as you originally needed, instead of cutting 2, cut 4 pocket pieces.  After you have cut the pants out, line the pocket up with the top of the pants outseam for each piece and sew with a normal seam allowance.


Next you are going to sew the outseam of your pants, sewing around the shape of the pocket and down the legs of the pants.


So now you need those markings that we made previously.  Using a fabric marker, or just eyeballing it if you are like me and don’t always know where your markers have gone, mark the two spots. Then topstitch your side seams starting at the top until the first mark and then from the second mark to the bottom.



Then you can continue following the instruction as written in the pattern.  The only tip is to be sure that the pockets are laying to the front when you attach the waistband.  And then before you know it, you have Domi sweats!

She is over the moon with these! And the pockets are nice and large. If the pants are gaping a little like these and you don’t want that you can make the opening smaller by topstitching a little farther past your marks.

Thank you so much Anne! For everything, that you do and for sharing your creative genius with the world.  And for allowing me to sew up your patterns time and time again! I have been so lucky to spend the last few years knowing you and can’t wait to keep going forward!

Now that I have showed my favorite hack, head over to the Sofilantjes website and buy yourself some patterns with the code CELEBRATE and get 25% off.  Also head over to the Sofilantjes Sew and Show facebook group for fun and games! If you saw something weird in my post, fill out the scavenger hunt! Enter to win today’s prizes below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And a special thanks to all of our wonderful sponsors and other bloggers!  Check them out and show some love! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! I love hearing from you all!



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