CraftingCon April : Steampunk Cutie

Hello everyone! I am so happy to be here right now!  I love CraftingCon so much and I always use it as a way to expand my skills or try something new with my craftiness!  So this time, I am bringing you a little everyday steampunk! I would normally go all out because steampunk is the most fun, over the top, extreme style but we are striving to achieve an everyday look.

So I chose the Jackie Dress by Muffinhead Patterns. If you have never heard of Muffinhead, you don’t even know what you are missing.  All of her patterns are fit to perfection and the techniques in her tutorial will have you consistently learning new skills and coax you to a professional looking finished product. And this dress I have made about 5 times so I knew it would fit my vision.

But how does it become “steampunk”?  Well first, I used a thinner wool fabric that will keep my Diva warm but allow for that vintage look and then it struck me… GEARS! Steampunks is all about gears.   So I added a fun gear applique using the freezer paper method I recently learned.

steam 4

But it didn’t feel like enough… so I decided to incorporate my newest hobby and crochet some accessories.  So I searched all around and stumbled on an adorable mini top hat and glove pattern by Ira Rott. So slowly I crocheted away and added a few well placed fun bows and skull charm my daughter picked out. And steampunk cutie was born!

She is getting picky and hard to please but this outfit really got her going.  The a-line shape of the dress is perfect and the gloves make her feel official.  The mini top hat is a headband and she likes it but headbands are a new concept for her so she was messing with it a ton and shaking her head around!

So head over and check out these cool patterns and then come back and see some more steampunk!

steam 2

So that is my take on steampunk… I can’t wait to pop back in this season and show you some more cool outfits from the geeky world of Bubba and Bug!  Thank you to the wonderful ladies of CraftingCon for hosting me! I had a ton of fun!  See you all soon!


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