Alley Cat by Nimblephish Patterns

Hi everyone! I just wanted to pop in and show off my new favorite designer!  I recently discovered the magic of sewing soft, cuddly toys for myself… I mean my kids.  And I owe the endless joy to the amazing Naomi over at Nimblephish Patterns!  Not only are her pattern adorable but she is endlessly patient with newbies like me who always end up with crooked heads…

Today I am going to show off the Alley Cat pattern!  (Full disclosure: this is not my first attempt but by far my best attempt so I am bragging!)  Now some of you are about to stop reading because you don’t have special doll making supplies right? Nope! All I needed was my trusty sewing machine, some fleece, stuffing and a little embroidery floss (the skeins cost me a quarter a piece). And I honestly used scraps of fleece to make this.


So cute right?!? This pattern was frightening at first because I thought I couldn’t possibly end up with anything that even resembled a cat… and much to my surprise except for some creative nose embroidery, I think this one is great! And the head is still tilted to the side, but I think it adds character.  He is off in deep thought!

The directions are so easy to follow and everything is so well marked I think anyone could follow along and make one too!  Honestly, the hardest part was hand sewing the openings closed and that is because I am sorely out of practice.  So don’t look too closely!

ac 5

And if you get confused (which I did… more than once!) head over to the Nimblephish facebook group  which is full of the most helpful ladies I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, including Naomi herself!  Even the Nimblephish blog is a wealth of information and tutorials!  So what are you waiting for? Go check out the Nimblephish Store and then share what you are making first in the comments! I need help choosing!  Thanks for reading along with me! and come back to see which Nimblephish Pattern I sew next!



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