Glamour Swirl Skirt Tour with Sew By Pattern Pieces

Hello everyone! As always I am super excited to post this today.  I love blog tours but this one is better than most because the pattern is 100% free! So welcome to the Glamour Swirl Skirt Tour!

 swirl teaser

This is the first (but not last) pattern I have every sewn by Sew By Pattern Pieces!  And I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was.  I volunteered to make a skirt for myself and one for my daughter because who doesn’t love some synchronized modeling? (I have been watching the Olympics) So let’s start with my semi ballet poses in my skirt.

I love the length of this skirt on me.  I added 4 inches to combat my giant-ism and it is perfect. (Many thanks to Lauren for figuring that out for me). The fullness of the full circle skirt almost makes me want to twirl… except I would probably fall.

Now for Bug’s skirt, I was supposed to take some length off to accommodate her height but I forgot so she got a skirt that was the same length as mine.  She didn’t seem to mind too much.

She hasn’t really been into skirts this summer but the fabric I used for this one is nice and thin and she still loves to twirl around outside.

Oh and the synchronized modeling photos I promised you! I didn’t forget!

Okay we spent more time talking about what we were going to do and arguing about it then modeling.  And Dad just snapped away photos happily.  But we still look good!

So that is it for my portion of the blog tour. Join The Sewing Circle for your free copy of the Glamour Swirl skirt! And enter to win fabulous prizes over at the SBPP Blog!  And check out the other creations on the tour!


Thank you to Lauren from Sew By Pattern Pieces for all of your hard work in creating this wonderful pattern and organizing a blog tour.  Thank you to the other supportive ladies on this tour with me. A HUGE thank you to everyone reading this! You guys are awesome!  Check back TOMORROW for another blog post.  I am a blogging machine right???

swirl 24

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