New Horizons Telluride and A New Year

Happy 2017 everyone! Whew, I have been gone for a while huh?

In the last few months of 2016 I experienced a multitude of loss.  I had finally been hired for a job I worked towards for years, I was on my way to financial stability, my children were beginning to achieve the things I knew they were capable of and I was excited to head into 2017.  Then the fall, I lost my house, one of my best friends, my dogs and more than half of my worldly possessions.  I ended up having to move across the country, in the first trimester of pregnancy to live with my mom while I try to find a new way of life as a single mother of 3.

I had begin to let my grief overtake me and I stopped sewing.  I figured there was no way I would be able to keep this going.  I wasn’t even going to take them with me when I moved.  It didn’t seem like a part of my new reality.  But the last time I saw my dear friend, she came to my house and packed my stash lovingly in boxes.  She made sure that my fabric and my yarn became a part of what I carried with me into my new life.  As I am slowly unpacking everything, I spend time remembering what was the last time I saw her.  And how much she believed in me.

My mother was insistent that I bring my machines.  We have had a rough relationship to say the least but she made it clear to me that talent is always to be celebrated.  And people who truly care about you will not let you give up real talent.  They will support you through the roughest of times and you will come through.

Now that I can hold down a good majority of my meals, and I am getting uncomfortably big…. I finally cut the tape of my beloved machines box.  And after months of looking for myself, I sewed. It was bittersweet and empowering all at the same time.  It probably isn’t the most fancy things I have ever made but it is the most important.  It is the return to me. And what makes me wonderful!

So… the baby fashionista is no baby anymore.  At only 9 years old, she is sizing out of most girl patterns and really sliding into the smallest of women’s sizing. I originally made myself a shirt to model but baby decided to grow quickly and I can no longer comfortably wear it.  But trust me, it will return because I LOVE this pattern.

New Horizons has been one of my favorite pattern companies for as long as I have known about them.  And honestly I intend to spend my whole pregnancy in my Portlander pants cause… yoga waistbands…


So in order to get some blogging underway, I remade the Telluride top for Bug.  This pattern is endlessly versatile.  There are hem choices, neckline choices and it runs from an XXS to a 3XL.


Since my daughter is not “developed” yet so she has a little extra room in the neck.  I chose the scoop neck because she is in favor of more demure tops this week but I think I will remake it with a faux henley next for a higher neck line.  And pardon my cruddy indoor shots, I am still getting used to a real winter and finding good light.  But bear with me, I will figure it out!


I chose the high low hem for her because generally leggings are the pants of choice and this will cover the areas that she needs covered.  This knit is thick and suitable for Chicago winter even though it is short sleeved.  It is a mom-daughter compromise because she is not a fan of long sleeves and I am not a fan of colds!


I need to get a good iron (yet another thing I left behind) to knock out some waves from that hem but She loves the long length and can’t wait to actually wear it. (She has to wear uniforms to school now.) I think I can do a little tweaking and this pattern will be perfect for her!  I feel like the world is bigger for her now… I can’t wait to make another one!

Come back soon and catch my next New Horizons pattern, because I can’t stop trying them all out. Or head over to the New Horizons facebook group and check out what other talented people are doing! But no matter what, keep creating! Love you all and see you soon!

7 thoughts on “New Horizons Telluride and A New Year

  1. Sew! Crochet! Create!

    When you get behind that machine you smile,laugh and shine!
    I am more than happy to see and read about this new chapter in your life.
    Or should I say “new book”.

    Congratulations on your new baby!
    Babies are blessings!🕇

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  2. Essence, I am praying for you, for your family, for your relationship with your mother, and for that new baby! I am sorry you endured so much so fast. I believe you will come out stronger, and what a powerful example you are to your daughter. Hugs.

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  3. So sorry for the hardships you’ve endured these past few months, but I sure am happy to see you creating again. For me, sewing and creating is therapeutic. I hope it helps you as you transition to your new life.
    Glad to have you back!!!

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  4. 2016 was dang rough! The world was sad and focused on a lot of negtivity. Watching the focus on celebrity deaths was very overwhelming for me, I lost my dad in April less than a month before his 60 birthday, I wasn’t ready for it. I stopped sewing. Two weeks after his funeral we had to house-hunt 5 hours away in a new Province, where I didn’t, and still don’t speak the local language. Due to my husbands job, we moved another 2 months later . But I now live somewhere I don’t speak the language and am starting to find peace in my sewing. You are not alone. We are a lot more alike than I knew before, but I am so glad we are facebook friends. Let’s both just keep sewing, through denim(thick), cotton(thin), ity(slippery) and pul(sticky), because we can make beauty and usefulness out of the shabbiest of times. I might however be a little bit jealous that you are already starting to bring more life and beauty into the world, congratulations on baby on the way. You got this!
    I’ve also been eying New Horizon Patterns for awhile, so will have to give one a try after reading this 😉


  5. Happy to hear that you’re starting to feel that there’s good in the world again, Essence. You’re totally allowed to grieve after you have experienced loss. So give yourself the time to do so. Plus, getting back behind the sewing machine is the best way to remind yourself that you are awesomely talented and make beautiful things!


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