One Thimble Issue 14

 Hello all! Have you all recovered from Valentine’s Day?  I spent the day with my feet up enjoying the little kicks of my baby girl I will be housing for the next few months.  In fact, that active little lady is why I am writing today!  I am lucky enough to be a participant in yet another One Thimble Release Tour! And we are sharing patterns from the amazing One Thimble Issue 14 today!
If you have never heard of One Thimble… where have you been? Just joking.. it is an amazing e-zine that is chock full of sewing goodness!  And Issue 14 is no different from previous issues. It has 10 different sewing patterns and 27 articles with helpful tips and tricks.  There are some amazing contributors in this issue, which is not a surprise!
There really is something for everyone!  While I normally love sewing something for myself, my increasing girth is making that process difficult so I decided to sew up something for my new addition.  Rachel Rossi is a pattern maker who I have worked with many times.  She is amazing and her patterns are always inspiring me to continue my craptastic quilting.  And every time I sew up another one, I get just a little bit better! (Next time I am working on my FMQ because it is atrocious! But today I was honored to sew up the Timber Quilt. It comes in two sizes: crib and twin size.  I made the crib size to hopefully get a jump start on baby items!
So I let my Baby Fashionista be my little sewing assistant for this project because she is so excited about having a sister. So she picked out fabric and created and ironed on the applique. I am so proud of her.
So let’s start with the things I may have sacrificed to pregnancy brain… my adorable bear had black applique that I forgot to sew down so when I washed my quilt alas they vanished. I replaced the eyes and nose with buttons and I think I really like the look so I will be redoing the toes with little buttons also.  I think it will be a fun addition.
Although I have not decided on colors or a theme for this youngling yet, I really loved the elephants and the pink, grey and white are an adorable combination. The polka dot fabric caught my eye and I was lucky enough to find it in pink and grey.  I chose not to do the pieced trees because the polka dots were busy enough as is but I would love to make another with trees from a few different fabrics.
The backing is a super soft flannel fabric that incorporates the elephants and coloring similar to the front. (don’t look at the problematic wrinkles.) I am not sure where I was going with my FMQ but I really get stressed and tense when doing it so I can’t figure out a cohesive theme.  The binding is some leftover polka dot fabric I had and so I made my own binding which is always fun and brings everything together!
Overall, we are pretty proud of ourselves here and I hope you enjoyed seeing our first (but not last) baby creation.  Head over to the One Thimble website and snag a copy of Issue 14. And let me know what you are going to sew first. I would love to see what you create as well. But don’t wander off too far! Check out my amazing tour mates! You can see each of the patterns modeled and read their honest reviews!  Thank you so much for stopping through and come back soon!!!!

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