Breaking Ground Blog Tour

Happy Thursday everyone! Welcome to my second blog tour of the week! I am really going strong this week!  But this tour is super fun because it was a challenge.  We were challenged to “break ground” that is… try a new designer or a new skill.  This was a bit hard for me honestly because I have sewn so many different patterns at least once that I was a little lost!  But finally I came across the perfect pattern so welcome to my post for the Breaking Ground Blog Tour!

break tour

I recently discovered a new pattern company, Sassafras Bien.  With wonderful and adorable… not to mention useful purse and accessory patterns, I was wide eyed at the choices.  Since I am in my third trimester of this episode of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, I have started thinking about the smaller nuances of having a baby such as packing a bag for the hospital.  I have had struggles with boredom in my previous postpartum stays so I was brainstorming of things to do.  And that is where the Book Buddy caught my eye!

bb teaser

This adorable pattern comes in three different sizes: small, medium and large.  And not including the cutting and shopping for supplies, this pattern came together in under 30 minutes for the speed racers and maybe around 30 for the meticulous ones. Since to know me is to know that my Kindle is an extension of my body, my purse has substituted for a Kindle holder.  But without any padding my beloved older Kindle sustained irreparable damage a few weeks ago.  Luckily, I have a back up Kindle and it fits perfectly in the small size.

The small is constructed with just about 1 yard of fabric which makes it the stashbuster of my dreams and the foam inside offers protection for my electronic child.


This size is super convenient to toss in a tote bag for a day out or to hang with my in my favorite lawn chair while my children exercise their feral tendencies outside!


So head over and check out Sassafras Bien if you have never heard of them and see if there is something you can use… (I know there is!) And grab a copy of the Book Buddy for your day to day reads!


Now I am challenging you! Get outside of your comfort zone.  Sew a designer you have never tried or even heard of! Finally tackle that pattern that intimidates you or sew up some new stash-busting projects! And then let me know! Show off! Break new ground!

But before you leave… check out my Thursday companions on today’s schedule! They are so incredibly talented and wonderful. And they all broke ground of their own!


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8 thoughts on “Breaking Ground Blog Tour

  1. I’m not sure if I should thank you or chide you for pointing out something so simple and useful that never occured to me to make. This kind of project won’t be ground breaking for me, but busting stash is always a win.


  2. As I sit here counting the ridiculous number of tablets I personally own I would never have thought to make one of these. I love it and your fabric choice!


  3. I really like the fabric you used on this :D. It’s a handy little thing that I should probably make for my tablet so that when we go to book sales we can see if we already have the book.


  4. I love how you refer to your Kindle as your ‘child!’ When my first Kindle broke, I was truly sad! I have thought of making a protective cover for my new one, and now I know which pattern to try! THANKS! And I love your fabric choice…it’s perfect!


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