Show Your Stoff Blog Tour

Hey!!!! Today I am here sharing my contributions to the Show Your Stoff blog tour! Have you ever heard of Zierstoff Patterns?  I had not and that is always exciting for me!  I LOVE finding new pattern designers! And this company is a wealth of patterns!  They have adorable and lovable fashions for babys, kids, teens and women! So no more of my daughter getting caught in the middle of girls and women!

It took me forever to narrow my choices down to two patterns because I could spend hours thinking about which of these to make first for my ever practical preteen…. but eventually I landed on the Delia Jacket and the Mina Shorts!

The Delia jacket has an amazing size range that goes from a junior size 5 to an adult size 16! That is wild and perfect for some Mommy and Me magic in the future!  It is quick and easy to sew and perfect for those non-fraying fabrics with not a ton of stretch… or your favorite double sided sweater fabric… ‘

The Mina shorts are definitely doing to be a staple in my daughter’s wardrobe.  I actually made these twice because my daughter is oddly sized in her lower half.  She is a dancer so her thighs and hind are large and muscular.  Despite her measurements, shorts often hug her thighs too tight for her comfort. These are definitely wearable but I will make a few larger ones to last the hot Chicago summer!

stoff 8

Oh man! I can’t even believe I was able to whip up a summer outfit for my daughter in under an hour and she even approves of it… she just doesn’t approve of morning modeling all the time! So head over and discover Zierstoff Patterns and let me know what you are making next!

stoff 1

A huge thank you to Zierstoff for providing me with the patterns and allowing me to share with you all.  And as always, a tremendous love to the incomparable Melissa Evans for her hard work in organizing us rebellious free thinking bloggers.  And before you leave…  Check out today’s blog posts!

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stoff 3

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