Knock It Off Blog Tour!

Hello everyone! I am back on yet another blog tour! I guess I am deep in the nesting phase of this pregnancy because I am feeling super productive! So my daughter often sees outfits on TV that she dreams of wearing herself.  I have not really been attentive about making them… Until now!!! Today I am happy to be here for the first day of the Knock It Off Blog Tour! The whole point is to sew a look inspired by something I have seen.

So the Baby Fashionista has been all into bodycon dresses recently. She loves them in all lengths and colors.  And so I have been meaning to sew her an age appropriate version for quite a while.

Image stolen shamefully from

So recently her class had a dressy luncheon and she begged me to sew her a dress for the occasion. When we moved cross country in December, she opted to get rid of all of her dresses and I think she planned on convincing Mom to sew her more.  At first I was convinced I was going to have to perform some Franken-magic but lucky for me, I caught wind of a testing call for Sew Straight and Gather’s Avenue Collection. I applied hoping to be picked with dreams of this dress.  And I was! So not only did I knock off the dress but I get to share some tester photos with you.  First off… the dress.

The shape is there but not the skin tight adult look of the inspiration.  And also I chose a longer length with shorter side slits so she could walk and run but less chances of a wardrobe malfunction!

She was so excited and couldn’t wait to wear her dress with some boot that she loves to wear. (Except when mom wants to get modeled pictures…) I would have to say that this knock off is “pre-teen approved” and gets the seal of approval.

ssg dress 1

Before I head off, let me show off a little more of the Avenue Collection.  The whole collection consists of The Avenue Duster Cardigan, The Avenue Flares and The Avenue Top & Dress.  The top/dress pattern and the duster pattern come in multiple lengths and views.  And the flares have a classic flare and two different waistband options.  I originally made a top length with pants and a duster.

My duster became a casualty of poor fabric choices but she loves it and wears it much to my chagrin! I intend to make another with a better fabric choice soon.

So definitely check out this collection as well as the other amazing patterns from Sew Straight and Gather Pattern Co. or head over to their facebook group to see what other people are creating!  Thank you all so much for checking out my post and don’t forget to check out the other amazing bloggers on the tour with me! They are super creative and have some cool knock-offs to show off!


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14 thoughts on “Knock It Off Blog Tour!

  1. Oh, I love that dress! Your little girl isn’t quite so little anymore, and this dress is definitely so perfect for her! I actually am kind of loving that duster as well so I’m with her on that one! Great job on all of your pieces!


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