Bali Blouse for The Win!

So recently I realized that every pair of pants I own is black or navy blue and every shirt is a t-shirt.  Obviously, I need to change that dynamic to be a successful adult. (NOT!!) But I did get tired of never being the cutesy one and decided to change that! I needed to find a shirt that met 3 criteria: 1) wasn’t a t-shirt 2)highlighted my finer points and 3) minimized my excessive cleavage in case I was going somewhere respectable. So I came across a winner. New Horizons Bali Blouse and Sunset Cami!!!

This pattern was perfect! The high front means the girls are staying inside when I want them contained, the open back shows off my lovely assets (Pun intended!) and the sleeve options (this is a cap sleeve) made it more than a t-shirt without being a blouse! Bonus: It came with a pattern for the cami underneath it so no digging for layers through that drawer of undergarments that looks like an explosion! How could I want more? Well problem number 2… I had this wonderful shirt and no pants? Huh?!?

Solution number 2: another New Horizons pattern for the win! Portlander Pants! This is a stretchy denim I scored in the closing of Hancock’s (sniffle sniffle) before I moved and it has just been hanging around my stash waiting to be used. If you remember, I blogged about the awesome fit of the Portlanders before and so I already knew how to get them right without a ton of hassle. And honestly, I have like 7 pairs of these pants and love wearing them! Instant grown up casual outfit!

bali 3

Well thanks for stopping by and checking it out! I would advise you to head over to the New Horizons facebook group and check out the patterns people are sewing up! I know I saw some cool hacks and tricks I want to try! And sew yourself an outfit! Don’t forget to come back though! I seem to have more of my funky rainbow print fabric so I think another grown up outfit is on the way!!!! See you all soon!!!!

bali 4


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