Sew Long Summer 2017!

Welcome to my day on the Sew Long Summer blog tour! I participated in this for last year and it was so fun that I had to do it again!

sls2 tour
For most mothers the end of summer signals a blessed return to school.  I am in that boat but after giving birth to Wee Baby the end of summer is also the return to work.  And since my new job is business casual – I had a urgent need for some nicer clothes.



So of course I had to turn to my favorite pattern New Horizons Portlanders! Now I have sewn these with the intended fabric as well as stretch denim.  But these are suiting fabrics and generally do not stretch as much as “give” slightly.


So I used a size larger and I love the fit! I made two different lengths for my flat dress shoes and my heels.


And obviously I had to add a little fun to my wardrobe so the last bit of my Deadpool custom fabric and made a soft comfy waist band.

sls 2 11

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and checking out my post! I am so grateful to our wonderful organizer and my wonderful blog mates!


Speaking of my blog mates, check out my wonderful blog mates for today! Give them a visit and show them some love!

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8 thoughts on “Sew Long Summer 2017!

  1. This is GENIUS! I was going to make myself some casual pants for around the house and stuff with the Portlanders pattern, but I should totally make a pair or two in case I have a client meeting…and for church…whenever we go again 😛

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