Baby Phoenix and Monkey Pants!

Oh, I am back again! Look at me and all this blogging! Haha! Anyways, I decided it was time to get Baby Phoenix up on the blog in all of her modeling glory! So I searched through all the baby patterns of my dreams and got intimidated and gave up. But then I got back on the horse so to speak and decided to go with a favorite pattern company and give baby clothes a try! So I made her a pair of Monkey Pants by New Horizons!

How adorable are these?!? And so easy to make! Yes, the pieces were still super small by comparison to my Portlanders which are living in my UFO pile for at least another day.

Since Phoenix is slightly thinner in the waist, I opted for some shorter elastic but I am sure she will have more pairs in more sizes as she grows! The fabric was a small cut of custom knit from a scrap package I won forever ago and I wondered what I would do with so little fabric…

I chose not to attempt adorable faces on the bum until I get more secure in my abilities but if you head over to the New Horizons Facebook group, I am certain you can find tons of inspiration! As well as when you head over to buy your own pair of Monkey Pants!

monkey 8

Well, that is all for me today and I hope to see you back soon! I will be sewing more for this little one as she grows and of course, trying to keep up with my quickly growing big guys! Welcome to the blog Baby Phoenix!

monkey 10


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