One Thimble – Issue 10

Hello everyone! I just wanted to stop in really quickly and tell you about the newest release of One Thimble – Issue 10. Or maybe introduce you to One Thimble altogether.

One Thimble is an Australian magazine that contains a wealth of sewing information, including tips, tricks and patterns! You can grab the entire issue and have access to everything it entails or you can grab patterns individually from their website.

In addition to the issues, One Thimble has a large sewing community on facebook called the One Thimble Sewing Enthusiasts. And new sewing friends are always fun to have!

So the newest issue is Issue 10 and it comes with 11 PDF patterns and 26 articles/tutorials/interviews. I was lucky enough to test two of those featured patterns and I am going to share them with you.

First up, The Playproof Dungarees by Serger Pepper. This pattern has it all – size 2-16, short or long legs, 3 bib options and patch shapes, patch pockets and hip pockets. And my daughter can’t get enough of hers. The first pair came from a bolt of suiting fabric that I bought from Joann on clearance.

And what kid doesn’t love having a ton of pockets?


So she was so enthralled with the first pair, I had to make her another pair from a fun stretch denim I got from Joann.


I didn’t do a lot of embellishing on these but the choices are too adorable for me not to make another pair. Oh did I forget to mention? The amazing Irene then added a skirt option to this already versatile pattern.

And these adorable heart pockets!


You simply NEED this pattern! I cannot stress it enough. And head over to the Serger Pepper Patterns Facebook group for more inspiration or to show off your own creation!

But I also need to tell you about a fun pattern from Swoodson Says!  The Adventure Flags pattern is so quick and easy and fun that I think everyone should try it.  Plus, I finally jumped on the freezer paper train and now I am totally hooked!  About a fat quarter of fabric for each shape and actually scraps of felt or fabric created a cool bunting for my new Boy Scout!

adventure 1

And there are so many shapes to choose from as well as other bunting shapes and two flag shapes!

Go Wild and try this one out today!  And go over to the Swoodson Says facebook group, Stephanie has the most fun patterns ever!

Alright, that is enough babbling out of me! I am heading out and hope that you get a chance to sew up some of the wonderful One Thimble patterns! See you soon and thanks for stopping in!


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