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I am so excited to be guest blogging on this tour!  I love dolmans because their relaxed fit is perfect for accentuating the finer features of my hourglass figure and hiding some of the blemises!  The list of different tops is dizzying so I have chosen just a few to guest blog about and I am starting with Little Kiwis Closet Take Flight Dolman for Women.  I have blogged about this top before when I was doing a review of the matching Girl’s Take Flight Dolman.  Yet it was not released or fully tested at that point.  If you are interested in reading my previous review, I have brought it over to wordpress here.

dolman 1
Aren’t we cute?

But now the pattern has been fully tested and released so I chose it for my first week on the Diving into Dolmans tour!  So on to the Ladies Dolman, here are the details:

Sizes XS-5XL, (bust 32”-57 1/2”)
Printable pattern pages/copy shop version 30 pages with a layer option. (You can also opt out of printing band pieces.)
Skill Level Confident beginner
Measurements for Rectangle Pieces Yes, there is a cutting chart in the pattern.
Line Drawings Yes
Size made I made the size 3XL with no alterations.
Options chosen I used the long sleeve cuff.
Fabric Requirement for your size Approx. 3 yards including cuffs.
Measurement Chart Based upon bust, waist, full hip and shoulder to hip measurement.
Cutting Instructions Yes
Pattern Printing Layout No
Cutting Layout No
Suggested Fabrics Any knit fabric will work but for the cuffs and neckband, a good recovery is necessary.
Layer Printing Option Yes
Neck Line Options Band, binding, hem
Sleeve Options Short (hemmed or cuff), long cuff.
Hem Options Banded or curved
Seam Allowance 3/8″
Hem Allowance 1″
Fit Very Loose
Easy to read instructions Yes
Drawing or photograph instructions Photographs

And now my Dolman:

I am so in love with this pattern because I don’t even have to alter it for length and I stand at 6 feet tall.  I am comfortable in it and feel like I can dress it up or down.

My fabric was a bit thicker on this one that it was in the first trial I made.  Most of the changes during testing were minimal and the fit is really perfect.

So overall. this dolman is definitely a win and I can’t wait to try more dolman patterns.  So while you wait patiently for my next dive into dolmans, check out some of the other patterns sewn up so far.  And other body types as well.  I can’t wait to see you all again next week.

Diving Into Dolmans Week 1


Sewing By Ti

Creative Counselor

Sew Sophie Lynn

Made By Melli

Guest blogger: Rebel and Malice


Diving Into Dolmans Week 2


Sewing By Ti

Creative Counselor

Sew Sophie Lynn

Made By Melli

Guest bloggers: Rebel and Malice

Adventures with Bubba and Bug


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