Sew Long Summer Blog Tour

Hi guys! I am back already! Did you miss me? Well I have something super cool to tell you all…. Today is my day on the Sew Long Summer Blog Tour! I am becoming a super blogger I swear! I love a great blog tour and this is absolutely it!

So keeping in line with my big plans for becoming a marathon runner I decided to sew up a pattern that I had in my arsenal for a long time and never used. I won a copy of Greenstyle’s Inspire Tights and I was so excited to make some and alas had no athletic fabric! So I keep my eyes peeled and recently one of my favorite fabric sources Mabel Madison started selling the most amazing athletic fabrics! Because I am a sharing person, check out the MM facebook group for the best deals! And I scored a few great choices!

mm collage

So I grabbed quite a few yards, see I am really going to get the workout in, and was surprised at how quickly they showed up. And I set out to sew myself a pair of these workout pants that everyone shows off.  I had very little faith in the pants, I figured that something was going to go extra wrong and seams would pop and I would embarrass myself. (Sorry Angelyn, I trust your patterns just not my jiggly bits…) But I was so very wrong!

These might be the most comfortable things I have ever put on.  I didn’t do any of the bells and whistles because I was focused on getting the basic fit right first.  And success, my next pair will have color inserts and a hidden pocket. And I will make long ones and short ones! I didn’t even have to alter the length of these capris!

So moral of the story here, Greenstyle Patterns are awesome, Mabel Madison fabrics are totally worth every penny and more, this tour was a blast and I am off to get my run in! Leave me a comment to read while I recover! What are your big end of summer beginning of fall plans? Have you sewn your own workout clothes?

Thank you so very much to all of you for reading my ramblings and being interested. Thank you so much Melissa for organizing this tour, you are so fantastic! Thank you to our sponsors who offered up coupons and prizes for us! And go enter to win! And shop too! And then click on one of my fellow bloggers and check them out too! Tell them I sent you! 🙂 See you soon!


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