Diving Into Dolmans: Seamingly Smitten Review

Dive Into Dolmans

Hey again! I am back for week 3 of the Dive Into Dolmans blog tour!  I am excited to try a new dolman pattern this week and actually a whole new designer.  I sewed up the Women’s Dolman Sleeve Sweater with Assmetrical Collar by Seamingly Smitten. (Disclaimer: I received this pattern in exchange for my honest opinions about the garment)  I can’t wait to tell you about this pattern but first let me give you the details:

Sizes XS-3XL, (bust 31”-49”)
Printable pattern pages/copy shop version 12 pages
Skill Level Intermediate
Measurements for Rectangle Pieces Yes.
Line Drawings No the tutorial is pictures.
Size made I made the size 3XL and I cut at the tall line.
Options chosen I used the tall cut line.
Fabric Requirement for your size 2 yards and less than ¼ yard of ribbing.
Measurement Chart Based upon bust, waist and hip measurement.
Cutting Instructions Yes
Pattern Printing Layout No
Cutting Layout No
Suggested Fabrics Any medium to heavy weight knit fabric.
Layer Printing Option No
Neck Line Options There is only one neckline option.
Sleeve Options Elbow length
Hem Options Hemmed
Seam Allowance 3/8″
Hem Allowance 1″
Fit Very Loose
Easy to read instructions Yes
Drawing or photograph instructions Photographs

So I was a rebel and did not use a medium weight knit. I used a lighter knit with a 2 way stretch.  But it worked out really well.  I cut at the tall cut line because at 6 feet tall it seemed like the obvious choice.

First of all, I loved that collar and that was what drew me to the pattern in the first place.  I was intrigued with the construction and loved the finished product. The fully patterned fabric was a bold choice but I really love houndstooth.

This shirt is super comfy and roomy so I can see it being a great all year round pattern.  I will definitely figure out a way to add  a few more inches of length next time but it doesn’t seem like it will be hard to do.

dol 4

So overall, I recommend this pattern to my fellow hourglasses for a cute dolman to pair with leggings and a pair of boots. Or a pair of capris and sandals. Either way you will be happy! And this pattern is currently on sale for only $4.00 so run over and grab this pattern and check out the other patterns.  A few have caught my eye… I will be visiting Seamingly Smitten again soon.

dol 10

As always, thank you so much for coming to read my blog!  Before you leave check out the other bloggers on this tour or look back at previous days posts. And leave me a comment to let me know what you think?  Have you tried a dolman? What is your favorite pattern? Check back next week and see which dolman I pick then!


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10 thoughts on “Diving Into Dolmans: Seamingly Smitten Review

  1. I also love this Coleman. I tested for it and was so please with the instructions and how easy it went together. I look super on you!


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