Sew Into Fall!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my post for the Sew Ready For Fall blog tour which is being sponsored by Stylish Fabrics!  Fall is probably my favorite season here in Washington because the weather is always so mild that we can be outside and enjoying the changing seasons.So the big concept for my Fall sewing is layers!  So I decided to sew something for myself that I can wear deep into Fall! So welcome to the blog tour! (Disclosure: I was given the fabric to make this garment in exchange for my honest opinion and so that is what I will provide)

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I decided to order the Grey Sweater Knit fabric before I even knew what I wanted to make.  I just knew that it would fit in well with so many different pieces of my wardrobe… (I mean all my pairs of black leggings) But I was still in search of the right pattern to make this a Fall staple item! Once I received the fabric, I realized that it was a little thinner than I originally thought it would be.. but I didn’t actually look into the weight, just the picture.  And I was worried about my machine tearing the fabric up…. because she is temperamental…

So I decided on the Storm Flutter Top from Everything Your Mama Made & More for a few reasons.  First, the whole shirt can be minimally constructed with 2 sewn lines… Not even kidding… like 10 minutes…. But if you are feeling fancy and all about hemming then allow yourself a few more minutes.

I chose to hem my neckline and leave the half circle bottom raw.  I need all the length I can get on my shirts and at 6 feet tall, oversized and slouchy is almost unheard of.  I intentionally made this one a size larger than I measure for because in the upcoming fall this will be perfect over a thermal shirt with some leggings and boots.

It is perfect in the summer over a tank top! I know this one will get a ton of use.  and the semi sheer quality of the fabric will allow me to give it a POP of color whenever I want.  And the thinner weight gives me the perfect amount of drape to accent that half circle shape!

ss 1

So what are you sewing up this Fall? Head over to Stylish Fabrics and see the insane selection of fabrics that they have for sale at mind-blowing prices!  I want to thank Stylish Fabrics for providing me with such a wonderful product and I want to thank Tibeca from Sewing By Ti for her tireless work behind the scenes to organize us scatter brained bloggers!

Dont forget to head over to the huge GIVEAWAY post!  And check out the other bloggers on the tour!  See what fabrics called their names and what they created!
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